CounterFIT is Tulsa Counties premier epoxy surface installer, by breaking ground on the remodeling world's latest trend!

We offer custom new or resurfaced countertops, backsplash, bar tops, table tops, flooring and wall art. CounterFIT epoxy is extremely versatile so with that comes options!

You can choose from basically any color in the Behr Paint Catalog to add to your projects design. After choosing your colors, theme/layout and any add-ons you'd like, we'll either apply our products directly over the top of your existing surfaces or build a brand new substrate, customize it in shop, then deliver and install it for you.

There is no need to tear out your existing countertops unless you want to or the existing substrate

 has been severely damaged. Our epoxy coatings will resurface anything from plain wood to marble!

This is perfect for those looking to update their kitchen, bathroom, bar, rental home, flip house, apartment unit, or commercial projects without having to spend a fortune. And because our prices start at only $20 per square foot for any color combo, that leaves plenty of room for add-ons such as a custom epoxy backsplash, extra clear coats, satin or matte finishes, chiseled rock edges added over flat edges, decals and stenciling, real mineral additives and even a handmade piece of wall art to go with your new look. 

Whether you have tables, vanities, bars, laminate, formica, wood, tile, backer board, granite, marble, corian, quartz, etc., we can apply our epoxy directly over the top of it to transform it into a look that fits your style.

Each installation is unique and no one project will ever be the same as the next. They're all done by hand using the colors and effects that you choose.

CounterFIT epoxy is a 100% solids, industrial strength epoxy that once cured is scratch resistant (use of a cutting board still recommended), easily repaired if damaged, safe for hot pans if needed as it's heat resistant up to 500F, it's a non-yellowing formula, USDA approved safe for eating surfaces, 100% VOC free (0% harmful vapors), non-porous antimicrobial surface, easy to clean with zero special cleaners required, it's waterproof and it does NOT have to be resealed.

CounterFIT LLC is a locally owned small business that believes in honesty, transparency and we strive to be the best resurfacing and installation contractors around.

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